ULTIMATE Founder & Owner Introduction: WES STONE


When I was born, I am pretty sure that a blog was something else entirely. Of course, when I was born, man looked to the stars for answers. Today, literally it’s in the palm of our hands, or is it?

Who am I?

My name is Wes Stone and I am a 50-year-old father, husband, and coach. I am blessed with 7, yes 7, children. I am happily married to my beautiful best friend and motivator Emily.

Who is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a sales agency representing clients who sell their products to c-stores, drug stores, and dollar stores nationwide. In other words, we sell burritos.

Our name, Ultimate, is our goal, really. Today it has turned in to something else entirely. Truly it’s not a destination, it’s not even about being #1.

Why are we blogging?

The Ultimate Blog has been inspired to give people a peek into our kitchen. This is a glimpse behind the scenes of Ultimate Sales, our associates, customers, and friends. We want everyone to know that we are what we say we are. We hope to entertain you and if we are lucky maybe even inspire you. When the idea of me “blogging” was presented to me, I laughed. I still think it is funny. The thought of Wes blogging was out of the question. I can’t write and thanks to spell check I forgot how to spell. What will people think about me? Nobody will read it. This is a really bad idea. I am not going to EVER blog!

Food For Thought

We are all faced with those thoughts each and every day. Most days we talk ourselves out of it. Why, when we can’t talk ourselves out of eating one more slice of pizza, are we capable of stopping ourselves from growing and expanding our reality by doing something new and different? Fear, that’s it. Plain and simple fear. Fear of the unknown. Imagine where we would be if Columbus had this same fear. Imagine if your “hero” / role model had that same fear. The funny thing is that “different” and “new” have a similar meaning. Again we allow ourselves to be tricked for our own comfort! If someone was giving you a “new” car, that would be fabulous. If you were getting a “different” car, that may create pause.It’s at that moment when you feel yourself pause, you ask yourself the question, why? Are you pausing for a good reason or are you afraid? I was/am afraid to “blog” for fear of what people may think about me. Maybe I am afraid people will think I am stupid. Maybe this will bring me problems. What if this brings me success, then what? Oh, the tragedy of it all. I should not do this. Wait a minute, I am doing it. How the … It’s in that very moment of pause you can change your life. It takes practice and I am not an expert, but I know when I am doing it. When I catch myself I stop, I take a step back and ask myself why. Sometimes I even write it down. Then guess what, it all goes away. You know exactly what I mean. Live and love fearlessly. There is no reason not to.

– Wes Stone