A 12 Year Old is in Charge!

When I think of being 12, it is a good memory. I think of a Huffy bicycle and a lawnmower. I remember it being my final lap before moving up to the big leagues. A teenager! Oh, the excitement was real. I would be a force to be reckoned with once I was thirteen.When I was twelve I don’t remember my parents asking me for directions. I can’t remember them asking for the weather either. I do remember them telling me NOT to wake them up, but really, never wake them up.Weird, because now that I am older they have another twelve-year-old who runs their life.In fact, when I think about it, my 12-year-old is in charge too. Wth? Nobody in their right mind would let a twelve-year-old be in charge. Actually, our Senate may refute that. Generally speaking, we wouldn’t have a twelve-year-old be in charge of our entire life. That’s ludicrous.

The iPhone is 12 and last time I looked, sort of in charge. Can you put down the phone, after this and try something?

Go outside and look up to the heavens. You can see it. It’s out there somewhere, your “something” is out there. It is definitely not in nor are you going to have any luck finding it in the palm of your hands.


The only way you are going to remain human is to act like one. BTW, I am writing this with a 12-year-old, hypocrite I am.

– Wes Stone