The Ultimate Brand, Why the Hook?

For the record, we had our version of “the hook” prior to Disney and the Maui movie. Disney steals everybody’s great ideas. There is a long history of theft. I am sure that you would agree. For example, I know for certain that character Goofy was stolen from my family. No doubt.

Ultimate Sales

Anyway, our Ultimate hook represents a concept.if you want it, you have to catch it.We are hunters at heart. We took the letter U in Ultimate and the S in sales and tried to make them look like the famous Maui hook while still looking like the U and S for Ultimate Sales.

Why the Maui hook?

It’s cool, brah. Kidding. Kidding. Rather, it’s simply that I love Hawaii. Hawaii represents a lot more than a vacation spot for me. My first trip to Hawaii was on a customer sponsored trip 25 years ago. It was fabulous. I had never been before, and I did not want to leave. I would still willingly move there tomorrow. Well, to a specific spot in Hawaii…Not only is Hawaii absolutely beautiful, but it is also a sacred place. I would try and explain it by saying there is an energy in Hawaii that I have never experienced anywhere else in the world. You can feel it the minute the air hits your face when you get off the plane. Spirits abound in this place.

What does the Ultimate hook represent?

So, the hook also represents energy and passion. It is completely unique to our industry. As a result, it transcends selling burritos.It represents all that we want to be. We just have to catch it. 

– Wes Stone