The Hazards of a Cstore Salesman

I debated whether I should write about this, and well, It just kept chewing on me. Maybe because Mrs. Friendly is sitting right beside me playing candy crush. Rather poorly I might add. Lol

So, What Are The Hazards of a Cstore Salesman?

  • Travel: As you can imagine, being in the cstore business and covering the entire country calls for some air travel. My team bears the brunt of that headache, and I can’t thank them enough.

I mean there are some hazards to our job, I guess.

  • Circumstances Out of Our Control: I remember once we blew the top off a thermo brewer in New Orleans. The cstore was across the road from a Katrina refugee unit. Clearly, a case of government run amuck. Fortunately, it was late at night, and due to the constant gunfire in the area, not too many people noticed. Follow the instructions when setting up equipment, right Clements!?
  • Equipment: There was the occasional trade show fryer incident, always self-inflicted. Fortunately, we don’t have a lot of open fryers anymore. Technology has shown us better more effective ways to fry. In the old days, we had nasty open basket fryers. Working the fryer at a show all day is equivalent to the worst thing you can imagine.
  • Boredom: That is until it slows way down. People start stirring in the booth. Two hours to go. Email check. Email check. Pack up. Humm, the only thing left is the darn fryer, too hot to clean. Let’s throw stuff in it! That is the best dumb thing you can do. Styrofoam cups, no match. Baked goods, ha. Dry ice, NO, who let that idiot play! Well in case you are not aware even the smallest piece of dry ice in a hot fryer can be extremely volatile. In fact, as fryers go, I have never seen anything like it. Don’t even think about it. The mess alone is not worth it. There has to be an idiot on YouTube who has tried it.
  • But really, Travel: Even after all of that, traveling might be at the top of the list. Not because of crashing and dying. Not because of terrorism. Not because it wears you out, because it does, but because travelers are a very cheeky bunch. (I couldn’t come up with anything else rated PG.)

Why is Travel Really Hazaderous?

I understand chivalry is dead according to some. OK fine, but is kindness? If you are struggling to get your bag in the overhead, I am going to offer to help you. It is what I would want you to do in turn. It has no bearing on whether or not you are a male or a female. I am offering to help you because I am stronger than you. I know my strength, and I pack accordingly. You do not, and therefore in this life, I and other people like me have to look out for people like you. I know it is annoying. Trust me.

In a cstore salesman’s world, travel is part of the job, part of the culture, part of life.

When we add some kindness to this part of our world, we can only hope to receive some in return. It makes the hazard of traveling all that more pleasant.

– Wes Stone

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